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Nollmeyer v. Laney
Nollmeyer v. DE State Police
Nollmeyer v. Doe
Nollmeyer V. U.S.A.G.
Nollmeyer v. Inyo Co Sheriff
Nollmeyer v. USPS
Nollmeyer v. Davis
Nollmeyer v. Pete Wilson For Gov, et al
Nollmeyer v. Holiday Market
Nollmeyer v. Lockyer, et al
Nollmeyer v. Lockeyer, et al (MC-101)
Nollmeyer v. New Raman Reti
Nollmeyer v. Reno et al (Fl)
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Nollmeyer v. Delaware State Police, et al.
Nollmeyer Versus Doe

David Nollmeyer
Crescent City CA Circa June 7, 2005

Over the years the accumulation of court papers has forced me to archive what has not perished in bank vaults. I have learned the rudiments of computer and internet applications and would wish to be able to expand the amount of reliable content for the sake of primciple and the general well being.

The following is what is available over the Pacer System, that some but not all of the federal courts participate in. It may appear an ad absurdium but under totalitarian practices in the United States, the systematic human rights abuse event does not exist at all officially through the presidencies of:

Ronald Reagan

George Bush Sr.

William Clinton

George Bush III

At the very minimum the dockets accurately portray David Nollmeyer as the petitioner in complaints that were brought pro se and in forma pauperus. I spent a conservative $7,000 to litigate a minimum of complaints in a systematic manner in county, state, and in the United States Federal Courts.

To further attempt to humiliate, the police are attempting to portray David Nollmeyer as either gay, bisexual, and/or transgender. This is compounded by slander that I am not capable academically. I have achieved a 3.80 GPA over the last 61.5 credits. I have a 3.18 GPA with 149.5 credits.

It is not the import of this site to discuss such ,but the competence of the average police if such went to college at all is figured here at a prima facie mean of 2.75. This is roughly a competent AA student. This is generous but appalling if such are upper level managers or decision makers. I will hopefully secure more documentation in the future.


In a very gradual manner I will be adding case descriptions to the court docket sheet for each page. This will first cover each case then later attempt to develop the description to develop an accurate synopsis of my LEGAL TESTIMONY.

Dateline 7-26-05

I have downloaded the Pacer Dockets for the appeals for the cases for the Federal Court. A tremendous amount of hearsay is attributing this work to my Granfather whose has been deceased for over twenty years. This site will be constantly changing for the next several months due to the uploadingof the court dockets.

Dateline 5-18-05

I am currently involved in the settlement phase of a very large collective action that may yield a nominal sum for me regarding a religous group. Mayor James Hahn has just lost his office as mayor of Los Angeles. He was the city attorney during the Bernard Parks cases which are still active. I spoke to him for about five seconds during my suits. He had never lpreviously lost in an election. The City of Los Angeles have settled over $70 million dollars while defeating RICO complaints in the Rampart scandal.


The following Websites reflect Human Rights advocacy with updates on events that are affecting this in continuo event. The powereality site is the main site and is the oldest which is below the blogs.

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